How traveling improves your Health?

05-08-14_wt_travel_shutterstockTravel expands your mind when we meet new people, adapt to new situations.  People become more globally and culturally aware. Travelling is not only good for your health, it also give new experiences increase cognitive flexibility, keeping your mind sharp.

Travel lowers stress levels

After vacation, travelers feel well-rested, less anxious, and would be in a better mood.

Travel improves your brain health

Studies have shown a connection between travel and mind. It helps to increase creativity, a deeper sense of cultural awareness and personal growth.

Travel will decrease your risk of heart disease

People who travel annually were less likely to suffer a heart attack or develop heart disease.

Travel keeps you fit

During the travel people attempt extreme sport and get engaged in different physical activities.

Travel keeps your life span

Travel reduces stress, keeps your body healthy inside and out, and boosts brain health

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