Why does your small business need Google Ad words?


AdWords is an advertising platform provided by Google that enables business to set a budget for advertising and pay when people click the ads.  This marketing strategy is completely based on keywords. A prospective customer search for a product or service on Google, and there the AdWords help you. For a small business, Google AdWords could be the one among the best option to increase traffic, market your products and ultimately increase the sales.

Here are 7 reasons why your business can benefit from Google AdWords.

Help you reach your customer

Google AdWords help customers to find out your product and services while ‘googling’ it.

Help you reach local customers reliably

 AdWords provide location targeting option that helps business to target countries or a specific area by showing ads to people within a certain distance to your business.

Google Adwords enable you to show your location to searchers

Google places along with Google AdWords makes it easy for your customer to find out your location. The easy the location is the more likely they’ll walk in.

You can show your contact information

The ad extension provide an option to enhance the Google AdWords by adding phone numbers, addresses, app downloads, site landing page, reviews and so on. Including contact information make it easier for your potential customers to connect with you.

Allow you to retarget

All the interested customers visited your website is tracked and followed by Google Display Network or Google search.

Enables to reach your mobile customers

Mobile optimization option of Google AdWord allows you to target text ads and image ads. You can give an option to target heavily on either of mobile users or desktop and tablets. Google will set it as default to device.

Enables you to get measured result

You can measure all your campaigns in one dashboard. You can track your goals like ROI, Website Traffic, Brand Awareness, sales and conversions and so on.

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