Not Bahubali, Bhallaladeva is the most interesting character in the SS Rajamouli film!


SS Rajamouli, the popular film maker is mentioned as grand, majestic, magical, path-breaking film maker in the Indian film industry. The release of Bahubali- The Conclusion has tremendous unparalleled response from the people all over the country. Well, while reviewing the film, many critics lauded that Bhalladeva caught most of the attention throughout the film. Balladeva was so fascinating among all the characters in the film.

Bahubali was a good man and he died at the same time. Bhalladeva was guided by common human emotions such as envy, jealousy, desire and lonliness. He eventually dies as lovelorn and eviI dictator. He was the only character who achieved a huge transformation throughout the course of film.

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