Get 6 Packs Just Like The Rock Dwayne Johnson

Eat High Protein Meals

17 protein

Don’t Avoid Carbs

18 carbs

Don’t Over-Do The Crunches

16 crunches

Figure Out How Much Body Fat You Need To Lose

14 body fat

Balance Out Your Workout Regimen

15 regimen

Count Your Calories

13 calories

Eat Several Small Meals

11 small meals

Rollouts Are As Effective As Crunches

12 rollouts

Set Realistic Goals

9 realistic goals

Don’t Cheat

3 consistency

Don’t Ignore Cardio

8 cardio

No Pain, No Gain

6 no pain no gain

Increase Your Water Intake

water glass

Increase The Intensity

5 intensity

Monitor Your Progress

2 Monitor progress

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