Are you done with dating? Here are 10 things you will relate with!

When someone tells you about the amazing person they just started dating.


When your well-meaning friends tell you to go on more dates.


When you pretend like you are interested but you know you won’t listen to any of them.


When someone tries to flirt with you but you don’t remember what that is anymore, so you are instantly suspicious.


When you say yes to a date and realise what might be lying ahead is hours of small talk.


When you see someone you like but the amount of effort to go on dates with them would be too much.


Even if you go on a casual coffee date, you want to back out half the time so you can be alone with your laptop.


When you meet someone you like but you are already too emotionally invested in Game of Thrones.


When you realise that, at the end of the day, you’re sabotaging your own chances of meeting someone cool.


But then you go back to your bed and single life, because you know dating is the worst.


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