These Dogs Surely Know How To Express Themselves

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. When it comes to loving you, no can do it better than dogs. When it comes to expressing, these pooches top the charts once again. Here are a few expressive dogs that will surely make your day.

If you are taking me for a drive, keep your phone aside.


Who gave you your driver’s license??? Didn’t you know we don’t live as long as humans…

Bad Driver

I caught the breeze. It’s in my mouth right now.

Breezy Face

This is ALLLL my space…just MINE

Confused mind

You picked the wrong seat buddy…this is my side.


Its ok. I will cover your balding patch.

Dog Wig

Let’s all take the bus to work – they said. It would be fun – they said.

Doggy Bus

Dogs Park, Dogs Park…woohooo…will make new friends…


The car is too small for our family. Maybe if you could just push a little, we would all sit more comfortably.

Family Outing

Tired….do not want to go anywhere…


Don’t you dare come anywhere near my car (Gangsta music plays in the background)


Must fit face…get cozy get cozy

Get Comfy

Wheeeee….weekend trip time!!!

Group pose

She is always upset when I sit in the drivers seat. She thinks dogs can’t drive.

Happy Driver

There are no seat at the back.

Happy ride

Keeping a check on the neighborhood.

Just chilling

Is it a sin??? Why am I buckled up???


Say cheeeeeeeeese

Say cheese

Woman driving car…must save self…hide under seat


Wait my face goes through here…oh damn it’s stuck now…


Was that the man that stole your girlfriend??? And why is this pesky feline sharing our moment???

Spotting The Enemy

Sunroofs are the best…woof woof

Sunroof dog

I am just chilling…waiter get me my bone please.


Now where did you say we were going???

The Vet Face

Come on daddy…we are all ready

We are ready

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