Digital India Initiatives And Their Advantages


Digital India focuses on – Digital Infrastructure as a utility to every citizen, Governance & services on demand and Digital Empowerment of citizens. It wants to bridge the digital divide and bring India at par with the developed nations. It will combine many existing schemes related to e-governance, other digital initiatives etc.; restructure them and implement them in a synchronized manner under this umbrella initiative named as ‘Digital India’.

Initiatives under Digital India and their advantages
The main initiative under Digital India is the ‘National Optic Fiber Network’. Started much earlier in 2011, it was an ambitious program to connect 2.5Lakh Gram Panchayats through broadband. It would be pursued with renewed vigor, planning and monitoring.

Nine pillars of growth areas to be focused are

Broadband Highways – High speed connectivity and high speed internet

Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity – To reach inaccessible areas also

Public Internet Access Programme – Connect India to the world and newer ideas. It’s a National Rural Internet Mission.

E-Governance Improving governance using technology. This is to improve the government to citizen interface for various service deliveries.

E-Kranti – Deliver services electronically and thus in a faster and time bound manner. This is helpful in education, healthcare, planning, security, financial inclusion, justice, farmers, etc.

Information for all – This will bring in transparency and accountability by easy and open access to documents and information to the citizens.

Electronics manufacturing – This will encourage manufacturing of electronics in India and reduce electronics import and help in job creation too. This will help in achieving goals of ‘Make in India’ initiative also.

IT for jobs – Employment opportunities will be increased as well as training aspect will be focused on under ‘Skill India’ program. Focus will be more on IT training.

Early Harvest program – This has a number of programs under it which are to be implemented within a short timeline. They addresses development in variety of sectors like education (school as well as university level), weather forecast, telecom, social problems like lost and found children, etc.


-Cloud facility will be available. Thus all government documents/certificates will be available on the Cloud.

– The digital resources/services will be available in Indian languages.

– ‘’ will help in participative governance.

– Financial transactions would become cashless above a threshold.

– Safe and secure cyber space would be provided.

– Many other minor initiatives and services will be provided digitally by the government. It has already started providing many services.

– All the above initiatives will open up opportunities to Indian manufacturers and entrepreneurs, thus helping employment in a direct and indirect way.

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