9 Funny Animal Pictures That Will Get You Through Your Day

Animals are very funny creatures and the random poses they make will make you laugh. If you thought only humans can pose, check out these animals will make you cry with laughter.

This turtle sure knows his moves. Play some music and watch him shake those legs.


This is the face that this cute dog makes every time his owner comes to get a pic of him. Ain’t that cute?


They teamed up to catch the mouse who escaped from the clutches of this cat. That’s what I call team work!


This is what happens when your girlfriend forces you to get a cute little puppy instead of a tough looking bull dog!


Well, the kids were at school and the swing looked rather lonely. I’m just keeping it company till the kids get back.


I need something new to eat sometimes. I have taste buds too you know!


It’s morning, I need my breakfast and I can’t reach the shelf! It’s too high. WAKE UP


I love you so much! Can I get some food? Please, I got rid of the mouse!


That darn cat’s right behind me, isn’t she? Please save me.. Please. I’m begging you.


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