7 signs that Modern Lifestyle affects our Average Lifespan

With our constantly changing “Modern” Lifestyle, it’s difficult to believe that much research is made on the diseases we’re vulnerable to. Our modern Lifestyle invites high deviation from Health and other primary concerns of Life, and we begin to realise our Problems following serious Illness.

From Physical to Mental health, From Unhealthy Foods to Too-much stress at work, we hardly have time to sit and analyse the problems we have or prone to have.


Here are the 7 variables of Modern Lifestyle, which posts intense threat leading to the decline of the Average Lifespan of Humans!


  1. Diet and Body Mass Index


Being one of the Primary necessity for our existence, Diet is the greatest factor in Lifestyle with a Positive and Direct relation with our Health! Obesity is the most common gift we receive indicating the habit of a Poor Diet. Often taking a BMI check can help you to measure your Unhealthy Lifestyle.


  1. Sleep cycles and Exercise


Maintaining a proper REM cycle during our Sleep is very important for all your Metabolic activities as well as a Good mental Health.

Vertigo, Dizziness, Decreased performance at work are seen in an increasing number of people, due to the improper Sleep cycle and causing high threat to our Physical as well as Mental Productivity.

Exercising regularly can help you to maintain a good Sleep cycle despite the Modern Lifestyle hindrances, restoring our productivity and increased chances to stay away from Diseases.


  1. Sexual Behaviour


A normal sex relation is an indication to a Healthy Lifestyle. Dysfunction of sex relation is an indication of a bad Physical and Mental Health, and is now a very commonly occurring problem among the Urban population.

Right Diet to keep yourself Physically Healthy, Exercise and practises like meditation for keeping you in a clear Mental state can be a solution, helping you to get back on the active sexual life.


  1. Substance and Medication abuse


Abuse and addiction to various ill-habits like Smoking, Alcohol, allopathic medications and other substances may result in multiple diseases like Cardiovascular problems, asthma, cancer and Brain Injuries.

Unhealthy behaviours in using medications include self-treatment, sharing medications, using medications without prescriptions, prescribing large number of drugs, Abusing higher dosage than the prescribed dose, disregard to the contradictory drugs etc.,


  1. Excessive usage of Modern Technology:


With the advanced technology facilitating the current human life, misuse or abusing the technology may result in unpleasant experiences. Excessive usages of software systems can cause sleep cycle disorders and permanent spine damage. Mobile phones can lead to nerve damages, spondilitis and more nervous disorders.


  1. Recreation and Leisure time:


Taking a break from our routine lifestyle has now become a necessary factor of Life. Neglecting this precious recreation times can result in negative consequences like depression. With disorganised planning and unhealthy leisure, you might endanger your Health.


  1. Study


Having study as a factor in modern Lifestyle might lead to better physical and mental health. Concentration related disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is found to be less occurring in educated people.

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