5 interesting facts about Bahubali 2- The conclusion


And Kattappa killed Bahubali! The most awaited movie is now ready to reveal the mystery! Bahubali broke all the Indian film records and was entitled as the high ranked movie on IMDB. The shooting location of Bahubali covered the most beautiful places in India wrapped with many other interesting facts. Here are 5 interesting facts about Bahubali 2!

1) The most expensive Indian moviebaahubali-the-conclusion-wallpaper-desktop-4-min

Bahubali is the most expensive movie made in the Indian film industry with an estimated budget of Rs 250 crore.

2) Museum for the movie

Bahubali HD Wallpaperes 2

For the first time in Indian history a museum is being created of a film. The museum will be absolutely spectacular with the weapons, armours and costumes used by the actors in the film.

3) Invented a new language


Bahubali introduced a new language made about 750 words with 40 grammar rules. The language was made for the warrior tribe Kalakeya.

4) Largest film poster ever


Bahubali scores the world Record for the largest film poster ever at 50,000 sq ft in size.

 5) Widest dubbed film


Bahubali is the first Indian film to be dubbed in multiple languages including Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, English, French and Japanese.


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