10 Must Have Items on your Travel Journey

Travel has become the most precious of all recreation times for a perfect relief from our routine Schedules. On planning a Trip to your Favourite Travel destination, here’s the list of items which you can carry for your Hassle-free and peaceful Travel Journey.

  1. Zip lock


Zip locks can hold wet bathing suits, dirty shoes and footwear, and acts as a protector for all our Fragile Collectables.


  1. Ginger capsules


If you’re travelling across the sea, then a little Ginger with you can prevent the Seasickness.


  1. First aid kit


This is the first help of cure in case of any medical emergencies.


  1. Headphones and Earplugs


Headphones are a great companion while travelling, which adds more value to our recreation time by playing your Favourite songs.


  1. Slippers


An extra pair of slippers would be helpful in case of wear and tears of the primary footwear.


  1. Printed List of Contacts


It is always safe to have few Persons of contact, at the time of emergency like losing the phone.


  1. Protein/Energy bars


Many people wear off their energy too easily when it comes to adapting a new environment. An instant does of Energy would help you to successfully continue the Travel you’ve desired to.


  1. Flashlight/Matches


You cannot expect your Travel destinations to provide the level sophistication of the Urban life’s. Carrying a light during night roams will help you see better.


  1. Long skirts and Pants


For the destinations those require modest clothing.

  1. Travel Clock


When it comes to planning a Travel, Time is very important and something that reminds you frequently can help you to cope up with your plans successfully.

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