10 High demand jobs that didn’t even exist 15 years ago

Every time a teacher or relative ask about ambition we would say either doctor, engineer or talk about other fantasies. But now there are many jobs on high demand which didn’t even exist 15 years ago. And here are they!

  • Blogger


Bloggers and content writers are everywhere and many of them earn very well. They gets to channel out their inner creativity in a brilliant way and to a potential audience of millions.

  • Social Media Manager

social media

Social media or digital marketing is now a centric job that pays well. People earn very good with the help of these social media channels.

  • User Experience Designer


People use their creativity to become a user experience designer, otherwise known as ‘UX’.

  • App Developer


15 years back we had no smartphones and hence no apps and hence no app developer. But now things have changed. You can find countless app in your appstore.

  • Sports Manager


If you know how to design a sports curriculum, prepare athletes, and if you are well versed with the basics of sports in the context of it’s administrative and organizational aspects, you’d make a heck of a career as a sports manager.

  • Chief Listening officer


It is a job for which, the primary requirement is having ears. A CLO can’t  miss even two words worth of a crucial exchange during a meeting. And, yes, they will be expected to give solutions and insights on the spot as well.

  • Big Data Analyst


This job demands an incredible amount of brainpower and dedication. Once you climb a few steps of the ladder to the top, you start making a ton of money and gain tremendous power.

  • YouTube Content Creator


If you think you’re charming and knowledgeable enough to make content, whether in front of the camera or from behind the scenes, you’ve got a career

  • Virtual Assistant


You can do without even stepping outside the house. What you have to do is to provide assistance to a company’s clients from a chat engine!

  • Genetic Counselor


Genetic counselor works closely with individuals, diagnoses them and advises them as to how they can avoid genetic disease.

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