10 beauty products you can give up forever!


Overloading make up can really damage your skin and leave your skin dry with patches. There are a few make up products that you can’t live without. But here are a list of beauty products you can get rid of forever.

  • Face toners: Micellar water can remove your makeup,cleanses and keep your skin tonned in a single step
  • Neck Cream: Any moisturizer you wear on your face is good for your neck too.
  • Hand cream: Body lotion can replace this.
  • Lip scrub: a tooth brush can be a good scrub
  • Cellulite cream: any firming cream can do this!
  • Shaving cream: pure natural coconut oil is the beat ingredient.
  • Makeup primers: Aloevera gel or a setting powder really do the task.
  • Highlighter and bronzer: An eyeshadow palette can give the effects.
  • Brow powder: Again an Eye shadow can help this. Fill in the arches with dark shades and dap of a lip balm for the long stay.
  • Hair texturizing spray: A dry shampoo gives you the texture.


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